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Book Tour and Giveaway: My Defender by Alanea Alder

My Defender
Bewitched and Bewildered
Book Eight
Alanea Alder

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Sacred Forest Publishing

Date of Publication: April 25, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-941315-18-7


Cover Artist: Kim Killion

Tagline: She’s been Bewitched, he’s Bewildered

Book Description:

When a mysterious illness begins to sweep through Noctem Falls affecting the children, Eleanor Kimball is called to the city to see if she can determine what is wrong. As a pediatrician Eleanor loves children and desires many of her own, however, after several dating disasters she has not only sworn off men, but has given up her dream of a family, and the promise of a destined mate.

After discovering Grant in Noctem Falls she is faced with her own insecurities and finds it hard to believe in his love.

Grant Douglas is a man of few words and doesn’t do well surrounded by others. He is scared to death of finding a mate. He believes the harshness of his past, where he struggled to survive, didn’t cultivate a gentle heart. After a series of terrifying nightmares where his mate is at risk, Grant has decided he doesn’t want a mate at all.

When he meets Ellie, he realizes there are some things worth fighting for. Even if it means putting himself out there by becoming the Alpha he was born to be and facing the power he desperately tries to hide.

As Ellie starts to believe in Grant’s love it will take every ounce their combined strength to discover why the shifter children are suddenly falling ill before it’s too late.

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About the Author:

USA Today Best Selling Author, Alanea loves reading almost as much as she loves writing. She began writing at a very young age, some of her first scribblings are treasured in a keepsake box and written in green marker. She started when she was still in grade school and continued on through college.

She believes that love truly conquers all and that everyone no matter what, deserves a chance at that love and a place they can call home. She absolutely loves to hear from her readers so don’t hesitate to reach out to her. As always, her promise to her readers remains, “If you keep reading, I’ll keep writing!”

Website        http://alaneaalder.com/

Newsletters  http://bit.ly/2eazN2l

Alanea's Asylum http://www.alaneaalder.com/theasylum

Facebook Page      https://www.facebook.com/authoralaneaalder/

Twitter         https://twitter.com/AlaneaAlder

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Tumblr        http://alaneaalder.tumblr.com/

YouTube     https://www.youtube.com/user/AlaneaAlder

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Review: Embracing Silence by N.J. Walters


Sunday, May 21, 2017

Review: Tempted by Fate by Cynthia Eden

You can’t cheat Fate…and for the record, she really doesn’t like it when you betray her, either.
Leo is used to having power. After all, he carries the title Lord of the Light for a reason—he’s a supernatural powerhouse and his job is protect all of the “light” paranormals in the world. He’s used to snapping his fingers and getting anything—or anyone—he wants.  But when he fell for Fate, Leo learned that power didn’t get a man everything.  In fact, it didn’t even get him the one woman he wanted most…
Fate…AKA Mora (that’s the name she prefers to use—a lot less weighty on her shoulders) has spent centuries hiding from her supernatural ex-lover Leo. Most people fear Leo and rightly so.  He’s got immense power and a definite date with an unfortunate end-of-the-world calamity.   When Leo seduced Mora and promised to put the world at her feet, she actually thought the guy had fallen for her. Too late, she discovered he was just using her in an attempt to change his destiny.
And Leo’s destiny? It’s not pretty. Some very, very bad things are coming for him. Mora shouldn’t care about the danger he faces. She should turn her back on her ex. His heart is ice cold, she knows that, but her own heart…it’s still a little weak where Leo is concerned.
Leo has tried to walk on the side of good for a long time…but his sins are coming back to haunt him. A darkness is trying to consume him, and if Mora can’t help him…then it’s not just Leo who will pay the price for his past. The whole world will change.
You think you know the Lord of the Light? Think again.


He cleared his throat. “You’re a hard woman to find.”
“That’s because I didn’t want to be found.” She opened her eyes and schooled her expression. Breathing slowly, Mora straightened her shoulders. Then she turned to confront him. “Well, you sure can still clear a room. Nice to see that winning personality of yours hasn’t changed.”
She expected anger in the face of her taunt, but…he didn’t look angry. Didn’t even look mildly annoyed. If it had been anyone else, Mora would have sworn that he looked happy as he stared at her. His gaze slid slowly from the top of her head all the way down to the tips of her heels.
“Fate,” he breathed, “you are even more beautiful—”
“Mora.” The name blasted from her. “That’s my name. Picked it out all by myself because I liked the sound of it.  Fate is just some dumb title that I was saddled with a long time ago.  If you’re going to talk to me, use my name, got it?” She stalked forward. Her heels clicked on the wooden floor. “And you’d better talk fast. I’m giving you five minutes—just five—and then I want your ass out of here.”
He leaned back against the bar, crossed his arms over his chest, and just stared at her.
Could he hear just how fast her heart was beating? Could he smell her fear?  His senses were all super amped up, she knew it—he probably had the best senses of any paranormal beast. There was a reason he was at the top of the paranormal badass ladder.
She kept her chin up, and she didn’t let her pace slow. So what if he smelled her fear? She was more than just fear. “Shouldn’t you be out saving angels or something?” Mora muttered. “Do you really need to be here, messing up my life?”
“You hid from me.”
Why, why did she still find his voice sexy?  “Guilty.”  She gave him a smile. One that she knew would not reach her eyes.  “Ever so very guilty. I hid and I would have stayed hidden, but you just burst up into my place. Without an invitation.” She stopped about a foot away from him. Close enough to touch. Not that she planned to make that epically bad move. No, thank you. Mora tilted her head as she stared up at him. “How did you find me?” The clench in her gut told Mora the answer and she hated this new betrayal. I was not ready for him yet.
There was only one person who knew where she was.  Her cousin.  A muse with unfortunate taste in men.
Like I’m one to judge.
“Sabrina sent me.”
And there it was—another knife to her heart.  Her cousin had sold her out.
“She made a deal,” he added, his voice rumbling right over her. “She was desperate, and you were the only thing I wanted.”
You were the only thing I wanted. If only those words were true.
No, no, she didn’t care if he wanted her. Not now.  But back in the past, it would have been nice if his feelings for her had actually been genuine.
“So Sabrina told me where I could find you,” he continued, seeming to carefully choose his words, “and in exchange, I helped her.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you helped her plenty.  I know how the deals you and your brother work play out—you and Luke are the only ones who really seem to benefit.”
He didn’t deny her charge. Probably because she was dead-on right.
“Have you thought about me?” Leo asked her.
She blinked. “What?”
“Because you’ve been in my head. Every single damn day.” He gave a grim laugh. “Though I have to say, the nights were the worst.  The worst…” He paused. “And the best. Because the things that happened in my dreams—”
“Do not say another word.” And suddenly, she was standing toe-to-toe with him. “How dare you?”  Mora demanded. “How fucking dare you come back into my life this way? You’re going to stand there and spout out some bull about dreams? You threw me away. You used me. You lied to me. You betrayed me.” You ripped out my heart. Stomped on it. Then stomped on it some more.
“I’m not the same man.”
Now she had to laugh. Bitterly. “No, I suspect you’re even worse.” Her gaze held his. “Lord of the Light.” Her voce was mocking. “Should I bow or something? You know, since I’m in the presence of such greatness.”
His jaw was rock hard.
She spun from him. “Your five minutes is tick, ticking on down—”
He grabbed her wrist. “You don’t bow to me. You don’t bow to anyone. You’re Fate. You hold the world…” Now he looked down at her hand—the one he’d trapped. “You hold the world in your hand.”
His touch seemed to burn her.  She hadn’t wanted to touch him. When she touched him, Mora felt too much. Her breath was already panting out. The desire she felt for him—it surged inside of her.  She hated him, but she still wanted him. That was the way it was between them. No sense, no reason at all, just a savage need.
The first time they’d met…it had been so very, very long ago. Savagery had ruled the land back then, and the wild desire she’d felt for Leo as they stood at the foot of a volcano? It hadn’t seemed so strange. In fact, she’d thought it was rather perfect.
She’d been wrong.  About many things.
But the desire hadn’t died. After everything that had happened—every terrible thing—it was still there. Their skin touched, and her body primed. His touch charged her, and every inch of her body seemed to yearn.
“Let. Me. Go.” Her words were ice cold even though she was burning red hot. She might want him—her body was betraying her that way—but she was more than just a body. She was a mind and a broken heart.


I couldn't wait for Leo's book and to find out his heroine was "Fate" who wants to be called Mora now was very intriguing. Like I've said before Ms Eden does not disappoint on having different and unusual paranormal beings. No same ole same ole here thank you very much. And the way all her books in this series ties together is fantastic. I keep thinking that her books can't get better but they do.

I don't want to say much about this story since I don't want to give away any of the surprises that this book has. But suffice to say this was one fantastic read and I give it 5 stars. I was gifted the book by the author in exchange for consideration of a review.

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Review: Heart of Stone by Cynthia Eden

She was created to tempt…and enchant.
Sabrina Lark is a muse who has the ability to inspire any man…to do absolutely anything. Unfortunately for Sabrina, the latest human to fall under her spell has turned out to have one very dark side. Now he’s obsessed with her, and she’s realized—too late—that she just inspired a serial killer. She truly has the worst luck in the world.
Desperate, Sabrina makes a deal with the devil in order to get some serious paranormal protection. Her protection comes in the oh-so-sexy form of Adam Cross, a man who is able to resist her magic…because Adam really is made of stone.
He’s a real beast on the outside…
Cursed centuries before, Adam is a gargoyle. Fierce, strong, and absolutely unstoppable, he is the guard who is placed at Sabrina’s side. He’s supposed to protect her from every danger…he is not supposed to find himself falling under the seductive Sabrina’s spell. But even a man with a heart of stone can find himself pushed too far…
Sabrina thinks she may have found the perfect lover, but Adam’s past is about to come back and bite them both…and he may not be the man she can trust, after all. If she can’t find a way to touch the man inside the beast, if she can’t make his stone heart burn for her, then they’ll be lost.


He swept through the open balcony doors and felt the brush of the wind against his face. He expected to see Sabrina standing on the balcony. It wasn’t as if she had anywhere to go. Unlike him, she didn’t have the luxury of possessing her own wings. But when he stepped outside, she wasn’t in front of him. It took him two seconds too long to realize that he’d just walked into her trap. He spun around, but she’d already lunged at him. She’d been hiding right next to the balcony door, pushing her body flat against the bricks there. In a breath, she had a wickedly sharp knife pressed to his throat. Instantly, Adam stilled. After all, wasn’t that the reaction normal man would have to that situation?
“Who in hell are you?” Sabrina demanded. She was tall in her heels, but she still tipped back her head to stare into his eyes. “What are you doing in a ballroom full of humans?”
Very slowly, he lifted his hands. Adam wanted to show he wasn’t armed. He’d brought no weapons with him to the charity ball. It wasn’t as if he needed weapons. “I think you’re confused.” Adam kept his voice soft and calm, or as soft and calm as he could manage. His gaze swept over her face.
What a fucking fabulous face it was. A perfect oval, with those wide, unforgettable eyes. Her nose was small and straight. Her cheekbones almost ridiculously high. And her mouth… Talk about the stuff of the darkest fantasies. Red. Full. Too tempting.
“I’m not confused.” Anger tightened each word. “You think I don’t know a predator when I see one?” Her left hand fisted around the front of his tux. Then she yanked him toward the nearby wall, making sure they were away from any prying eyes. Not that there was anyone out there to watch them. All of the rich humans were inside getting drunk. Only he and Sabrina were outside.
Adam offered her a weak smile. “Predator?” He lifted one brow. “I hardly think so. You took one look at me, and you went running. I just followed you to make certain you were okay.”
The tip of the blade pressed his throat. “Bullshit,” she whispered the word like a caress. “You aura is the darkest one I’ve ever seen. Trust me on this, I’ve seen plenty of dark ones.”
Adam blinked at her even as he kept his hands raised. “Aura?” he repeated. “You want to run that by me again?”
Her delicate jaw hardened. “Yes, aura. Yours hangs around you like a dark shadow of death.”
Adam didn’t know much about auras, but her description of his? Yeah, that seemed pretty spot on with his life. Not that he would tell her that particular truth. “You got me all wrong, lady.”
“I have enough shit going on in my life right now. I cannot deal with you, too. Go look for inspiration somewhere else.” She drew in a shuddering breath. “If you don’t, you’ll be sorry.”
Adam had to admit, the muse was impressing him. And he wasn’t one who was easily impressed. But she was doing it. Impressing him and turning him on. Sure, most men wouldn’t like it if a woman put a knife to their throats. He wasn’t most men. Technically, he was far beyond being just a man. So he offered her a small smile, then said, “You’re the muse I was told about.”
Sabrina cast a quick, nervous glance toward the open balcony doors. “Keep your voice down.”
Adam laughed. “And maybe you should keep your knife out of sight.”
It was interesting to note, Sabrina hadn’t broken the surface of his skin. Not yet, anyway. She was being very careful with her knife.
“Who are you?” she demanded.
Instead of answering, he asked, “Can you really inspire a man to do anything you want?”
For an instant, she bit down on her plump, lower lip. Then Sabrina gave a quick, negative shake of her head. “That isn’t the way it works. I don’t know what you’ve been led to believe, but that’s just wrong.”
Adam wasn’t so sure it was wrong. “Try it,” he dared. “See if you can control me.”
At his words, Sabrina gave a quick gasp. She yanked the knife away from his throat. “I want you to stay away from me. Do you understand? Far, far away. You carry a darkness… I can’t handle you now. I won’t handle you.” As he watched, she tucked the knife back into a sheath that was strapped to her thigh. Hmmm. So that was why she had such a long slit in her dress. The slit gave her easy access to her weapon.
Clever muse.
Sabrina turned away from him. She’d obviously drawn him onto the balcony that they could have a one-on-one chat. Only the chat hadn’t worked out so well. And now she was trying to ditch him…again.
His hand flew out and curved around her shoulder. In a blink, he’d pinned her between his body and the brick wall. Adam leaned in close to Sabrina. If any humans walked onto the balcony, they would just assume he and Sabrina were two lovers making out in the dark. The humans would be wrong. But what else was new?
His right hand slid down to her thigh. Her skin felt like silk beneath his touch. His fingers moved lightly over that silk.
“What are you doing?” Sabrina asked, her voice little more than a whisper.
He pulled the knife from the sheath and held it easily in his hand. “I’m making sure you don’t get the urge to slice my throat again.”
I love Cynthia Eden's paranormal romances. You can always count on her for unusual paranormal beings, a sexy love story, and of course a happy ever after.  This book had a muse and a gargoyle and the usual cast of characters from this series. I honestly don't think I've ever read a story with a muse. Gargoyles yes muse no. It was intriguing the way she inspires folks. And her inspiration usually backfires on her. That is where the serial killer comes in.  I was so glad she found Adam and that he was immune to her powers because hello gargoyle. Adam has issues of his own and the serial killer clues into one his problems and capitalizes on it. But it all works out in the end.
I love that Luke is playing match maker and even Leo gets in on the act. I was gifted this book by the author in exchange for consideration of a review and I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I give it 5 stars and if you click below you can buy your own copy and if you've not read this series why not? If you love paranormal romance series with a great group of characters and unusual paranormal beings this is for you.


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Book Tour: Shifted by Fate by S.R. Mitchell

Shifted by Fate
S.R. Mitchell

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Date of Publication: May 15, 2017

ISBN: 978-1544768236


Number of pages: 232  

Word Count: 46, 323

Cover Artist: Cassy Roop

Book Description:

Kelly had a history of picking the wrong guy, but destiny had its own twisted plan for her. She could not change what destiny had in store for her, but she could learn to accept it. With change came Eric and he was one-hundred percent Alpha bad boy.  Kelly knew one thing when it came to Eric... 

He drove her absolutely crazy.

Eric knew as soon as he scented her, and her smell invaded his senses, that she was his mate.  An alpha did not let go of his mate for anything.... she was his. He would fight for her.  He would guide her.  He would love her.

And with other wolves now after her… he would protect her at all cost.

Kindle      Nook      iBooks     Kobo

About the Author:

I am a Texas born wife, mother, and writer! I write words to enchant your soul and fill your heart with love.  I write Historical Romance, Historical Paranormal Romance, and Contemporary Paranormal Romance.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AuthorSarahM

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author-SR-Mitchell-1698828853706347/

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Cover Reveal: To End the Rapture by Lori Parker

To End the Rapture
Lori Parker
Publication date: September 4th 2016
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
My name is Tyler. Yes, I’m a girl. And if you have a demon problem don’t call me, I’m retired.
Tyler Reed is done dealing with demons. After suffering a brutal loss at the hands of one, she runs away to a small town in Iowa to recover. With only her loyal cat, Bear, by her side she starts life over. Demon free. Until Kade walks into the bar she works at and tempts her back into her old ways.
It’s almost like he’s a sin.

Goodreads / Amazon

Author Bio:
Lori Parker does a great many things in her spare time. Writing just happens to be one of them. She's mother/minion of the first order to the next Supreme. When she's not writing, designing covers, and reining in her daughter, she's on Facebook chatting with her soulmate from north of the Wall.
Website / Facebook / Goodreads


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Blog Tour and Giveaway: Waves of Murder by C.S. McDonald

Join Fiona and the gang for a hot whodunit on the sandy beaches of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Waves of Murder:  A Fiona Quinn Mystery
Author:  C.S. McDonald
Category:  YA Fiction, 190 pages
Genre:  Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  McWriter Books
Release date:  April 11, 2017
Tour dates:  May 15 to 26, 2017
Content Rating:  G (The Fiona Quinn Mysteries are for everyone--adults love the books and they are appropriate for teens and tweens too!)

Book Description:

School’s out for the summer!

Kindergarten teacher, Fiona Quinn is looking forward to spending some quality time in her yard and with her boyfriend, Detective Nathan Landry. However, Fiona’s plans get squelched when her mother volunteers her to edit a manuscript for famous romance author, Wyla Parkes.

What’s so bad about that? The author insists Fiona must work on the manuscript at her beach cottage on Presque Isle--three hours away from her yard and Nathan. Spending six weeks in an adorable cottage on a private beach doesn’t really seem all that bad until people start turning up dead—beginning with the author! Fiona’s summer of sun and sand is instantly transformed into a murder investigation. Can Fiona and Nathan crack the case or will the murderer get away on a wave of deceit?

Join Fiona and the gang for a hot whodunit on the sandy beaches of Presque Isle, Pennsylvania!

Buy the Book: 


Add to Goodreads

Meet the Author: 

For twenty-six years C.S. McDonald’s life whirled around a song and a dance. She was a professional dancer and choreographer. During that time she choreographed many musicals and an opera for the Pittsburgh Savoyards. In 2011 she retired from her dance career to write. Under her real name, Cindy McDonald, she writes murder-suspense and romantic suspense novels. In 2014 she added the pen name, C.S. McDonald, to write children’s books for her grandchildren. Now she adds the Fiona Quinn Mysteries to that expansion. She decided to write the cozy mystery series for her young granddaughters, and has found that so many adults love them too.

Ms. McDonald resides on her Thoroughbred farm known as Fly by Night Stables near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her husband, Bill, and her poorly behaved Cocker Spaniel, Allister.

Connect with the author:  Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook


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